What we do

MIMOS Wafer Fab provides a wide range of services as follows: Wafer Fabrication Services, Customer-Specific Processes, Partial Processing, Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Programme, Failure Analysis, Wafer testing, IC Design, Reliability Testing, Full Turnkey Support and Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Training.

Who we are

MIMOS Wafer Fab's first R&D facility, Fab 1, commenced operation in 1997 and is currently dedicated to R&D in microelectronics systems (MEMS) and nanotechnology. We provide process technology libraries, IPs and manufacturing services for our partners and customers. Our second facility, Fab 2, operates at medium volume capacity of 8-inch wafers.

Collaborate with us

MIMOS Wafer Fab offers excellent business value through technology collaborations with fabless design houses, end product customers and technology partners.


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MIMOS Wafer Fab