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MIMOS Wafer Fab offers Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Competency Development Training Programme, which focuses on various aspects of semiconductor fabrication technology. Fresh graduates (new hires), technicians, production operators, equipment engineers, safety engineers as well as experienced semiconductor engineers are catered for in this specialised training programme at MIMOS.

While the training covers fundamental theories, the programme also provides pragmatic learning opportunities with emphasis on the application of technologies.

The range of training topics includes:

  • Semiconductor Material and Devices & Design Library
  • Process Integration
  • Wafer Fabrication Process Modules
    • Photolithography Process
    • Thin Film Process
    • Dry Etch & Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) Process
    • Diffusion Processes
  • Equipment and Hardware Maintenance
  • Wafer Level Testing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Others - Cleanroom Protocol and Safety

Training modules : click here to download